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Find applications vulnerabilities before hackers do.


the essential mode for tools utilization

Our solution is an interconnected suite of tools that cover all the Code Review and Web Testing aspects, both static and dynamic, including mobile, granting the possibility of integration with third-party tools.


The patent of the dynamic parse three algorithm makes the difference, allowing the analysis of the results of a superior level, quality and coveraging in terms of identification of security flaws up to 100%, minimal hardware requirements to ensure optimal performances (doesn not require a tier 3 infrastructure to execute it. You can run a simple Audit with just an average notebook).

The usage of GPU cores makes it the fastest product on the market.


Our solution can be utilized in environments that have On-Premise infrastructures or that have externalized their infrastructures through an Outsourcer or that utilize IaaS/PaaS on-Cloud solutions. 

Our solution can also be deployed in mixed environments, partially On-Premise, partially Outsourced and/or on-Cloud.

  • Savings in terms of time: 50% of the time utilized by developers is generally used in finding and solving errors
  • Saving in economic terms: 85% of the errors that are made during the programming phase are not found until the QA phase
  • Saving in efficency terms: Automatic correction of errors with the best accuracy and performance
  • High performances with minimal hardware requirements
  • Accuracy - Our solution demonstrated the lowest false positive rates and the best accuracy score according to the OWASP benchmark
  • Ease of utilization One-Click-Implementation and in-depth customizable reports according to the needs
  • Complete Coverage - The only solution that supports more than 40 development languages
  • Complete Integration DevOps and IDE plugin available and ready-to-use
  • Excellence of Customer Support Service Ask what you need and you will get it, also improvement and optimization requests 

Cases of success

  • Telco: Software Composition Analysis & Static Analysis Jenkins plugin con copertura estesa a tutte le filiali italiane, al momento sta scardando Fortify per adottare la suite completa di La nostra soluzione. Scan code recuperato automaticamente dalle repository GIT (Linux) e PVCS (Unix).
  • Banco Posta: Scan delle applicazioni Java, JavaScript, C# and, ottimizzazione della remediation attraverso la condivisione dei risultati con l’Auditor Team dell’azienda. Ha inoltre consentito al dipartimento di sviluppo di analizzare il codice prima del building stage – scan dal repository code.
  • BitBrainery University (UK): Scan applicazioni Java, JavaScript (node.js and Angular), C#, and Python con regole di scannerizzazione personalizzate. Ha ottenuto alti livelli di precisione di rilevamento e ottmizzazione della remediation con grafici visuali che mappano tutte le vulnerabilità
  • CAD IT: Scan applicazioni C++, Java, JavaScript, and COBOL con il focus sui Web-Services, OWASP 2017, PCI-DSS 3.2 e GDPR compliance, reportistica multi-linguaggio pubblicata su Jenkins, scan code automaticamente recuperato dalle repository SubVersion (Linux) e CA-Endevor (Mainframe).

  • Prometeia: Scan applicazioni Java, JavaScript and TypeScript. Task di Remediation condivisi con I client utilizzando La nostra soluzione. Scan code recuperato direttamente da GIT.
  • MCC Bank: Scan applicazioni Java,  JavaScript, and COBOL.  Ha consentito all’Auditors Team di analizzare il codice prima dello stage di test funzionale. Scan code direttamente recuperato dalle repository CVS (Linux) e CA-Endevor (Mainframe). Scan rapidi delle nuove release utilizzando l’analisi incrementale. Ottimizzazione della Remediation attraverso la condivisione dei risultati con gli Outsourcers coinvolti. Reportistica OWASP 2017 e PCI-DSS 3.2 compliance pubblicata su Jenkins. Stima dell’effort della manutenzione degli applicativi. VMWare Server ubicato nel Data Center dell’azienda.


PPS and Wandera provide a Cloud Security Unified Solution to protect the new way of working.



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