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Cybersecurity a core business requirement

Less vulnerable companies through high standards of confidenciality and integrity

The exponential growth in the use of Smart devices, the fast diffusion of IoT-based technologies that connect billions of devices to each other and the increasing use of infrastructures in Cloud, lead to new cybersecurity risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Therefore PPS provides a secure foundation to transform and support your enterprise, meeting the growing need to ensure ever higher standards of protection for the confidentiality and integrity of the data and the managing information systems.

PPS CyberSecurity Services and Solutions

We offer cybersecurity consultancy and customised services to individual business contexts and act from analysis to system impromement.

SOC Consultancy

Performance analysis services of the Security Operations Center, verification of SOC providing an increased visibility and rapid detection of threats in your enterprise. and revision of technological implementation.

Ethical Hacking

Service that brings together all technical and in-depth verifications on the effective security of infrastructures and applications

Mobile Threat Defense

Unified real-time security for remote useres, whenever they are and however they connect.


Our CyberSecurity Solutions  

Maximize SOC performance to reduce risks

The solution system to test your IT security level

Real-Time Unified Security for Remote Access Users

Find vulnerabilities before hackers do


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