Artificial Intelligence made by humans, for humans

Empower human activities

Thanks to AI Technologies

This is not only a chatbot solution but the first true Artificial Intelligence that automates conversations between companies and people,helping to respond to all messages, in a simple, fast and customizable way.


Chatbot provides for:
  • Immediate installation: you don’t need technical expertise, simply copy and paste to install the solution quickly and simply;
  • Union of Bot + AI: allows to build bots based on Artificial Intelligence, totally proprietary and internally developed;
  • Automatic learning: the solution has developed a technology based on self-learning and natural language interpretation, learning from previously managed and resolved conversations;
  • Conversational flows: visual creation through drag&drop of guided conversations to provide engaging support;
  • Dashboard all-in-One: from the management panel you can monitor user activity, submit questions to operators, keep under control all the flow of conversations;
  • Integrations & APIs : easy integration with all major digital channels such as webchat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and the most used CRMs


Chatbot solution can be used for:

  • Customer Service, to fully automate Customer Service, providing answers at any time;
  • Help Desk, to simplify internal and external communication between collaborators or suppliers;
  • Lead Generation,to collect contacts and profile customers, offering a unique conversational experience;
  • Marketing Automation, to automatically manage endless conversation flows, guiding customers within services and thus increasing the conversion rate.

With PPS chatbots, PPS helps companies to improve and enhance their processes through automation and facilitate interactions between Brand and Clients and contributes to the enhancement of human activities,thanks to new ways of implementing AI technologies.

Chabot provides the tools needed for every company to communicate easily and in real time with all its customers and offer the help they need automatically, quickly and efficiently. It does so by optimizing conversations and increasing automatisms, to minimize the intervention of human operators,ensuring a fast and always available Customer Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cases of success
It applies to the following sectors:
  • Fashion - in the internal Help Desk to facilitate communication with suppliers;
  • Finance - in the internal Help Desk to find information automatically between collaborators and agents;
  • Telco - in Customer Support, to provide information on the services offered;
  • Energy - in Customer Support, to provide information on various services and products.


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