The best infrastructures on the market available to our clients

Approach to solutions for conscious management

PPS provides high-profile solutions and consultancy to improve the performance of corporate infrastructures

PS’s portfolio of infrastructure solutions includes a full spectrum of integrated services, identifying and meeting the needs of our customers through proposition and implementation of the best infrastructures on the market. From supporting the customer in all the activities connected to selection and management, the choice of better performing configurations up to the politics of cost-reduction and cost-management.

Whether it’s a hybrid infrastructure park or on-premise, our focus is always on the actual efficiency of the solution. Hence our "agnostic" approach to brands and solutions on the market, with the complete and total satisfaction of the customer as the primary and central objective of each project.

Our integrated services offer:

The great expertise of the team ensures the identification of the potential of the infrastructure in use, integration needs, growth needs, business needs, potential management improvements.

We create synergy and value through the implementation of innovative solutions, improving the performance of the entire infrastructure.

We offer the customer all our experience, gained in years of work in the field, and we guarantee a constant stream of innovation regarding this sector.

Diamo priorità all’efficacia della soluzione, non al brand, grazie al nostro approccio “agnostico” che è garanzia di soluzioni focalizzate all’effettiva soddisfazione del cliente.

PPS services and solutions in Infrastructures 

We offer our clients specialized consultancy, tailor-made infrastructure and support in the implementation of solutions, until a conscious and efficient management is achieved. 

Lifecycle management

We guarantee the complete management of used devices: purchase of HW value no longer used, rental, moving and withdrawal of obsolete machines with certified deletion of data. We ensure short periods of time thanks to our partnership with AscdiNatd.


We prospect Flex capacity and capital savings, thanks to iaas, short-term rental and Daas.

SMM – Smart Maintenance Management

We fully manage system maintenance in their hardware, operating systems and middleware software components.


We provide the tools to correlate the use of infrastructure to business services provided by IT, indications for system optimization and to prepare the cost charge-back.


We simplify IT management, reducing difficulties and increasing scalability. We set up the infrastructure to evolve towards Private, Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud.

Mainframe Consulenza di Alto Profilo

We support the implementation of new hardware and software solutions and the optimization of existing platforms in the field of infrastructure, management and business continuity.

Storage Capacity Planning

We provide predictive analysis and mathematical models to simulate difficulties and solutions.


Our IT Infrastructures and Services Solutions 

For a complete lifecycle management of the machines

Flexible contracts for any kind of need


Efficient management of HW, OS and SW Middleware systems

Analyze your business to maximize performance

High-level skills for Mainframe efficiency and security

Infrastructure and Storage Analysis


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