Mainframe Consultant Services

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Forecast criticalities and growth

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The mainframe is at the heart of many IT infrastructures: to make a company’s entire Information System secure and efficient, so the mainframe must always be optimized and controlled. Thanks to experienced and competent consultants, PPS offers the mainframe area consultancy services on critical areas for the adoption of new technologies, for projects of resource optimization and cost reduction.


Information Systems are growing complex and the proper functioning of each of their individual components is essential for availability and performance of business services.

Areas of consultancy and support:

  • Definition of technical and infrastructural requirements to optimize performance and consumption of applications active on mainframe and to define the best hardware and software configurations;
  • Analysis of consumption,with particular attention to the allocation of resources and costs of applications and/or services, to identify the best actions for cost reduction and performance improvements;
  • Support to projects related to the redistribution of application loads on heterogeneous environments with analysis on inherent aspects:
    - data and access security;
    - management of the systems and the performances of the various types of workload
  • Analysis of solutions related to disaster recovery needs and continuous availability;


Consulting services are of great use both in proprietary environments and in environments that operate with outsourcers or that have a mixed environment, with processing resources located at different centres and on different technological platforms. The applicability of consultancy ranges from analysis of installed devices, or at the stage of possible acquisition,to the identification of the best modality of price plan of the softwares used or proposed in mainframe.


To ensure a high availability of business services and to be able to choose management methods that optimize costs, the ability to identify quickly critical points of the infrastructure in terms of performance and reliability in a preventive is decisive. In addition, to anticipate the development of components of an Information System and to follow and anticipate following the evolution of the business and compliance regulations, It is important to identify the necessary resources and the optimal timing through the study of trends related to the introduction and growth of new products.

The analysis of the mainframe environments, together with an expert reading of the performance and usage data provided by the system, enable actions to maximise the benefits of changes required by the business while maintaining or increasing the level of service. A clear infrastructure design also facilitates the continuous evolution of IT infrastructure.


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