Design Thinking

Co-create, co-execute, co-operate

Become "Agile"

Changing the corporate mindset

The garage stands for creation, sharing and innovation. Precisely for this reason IBM has created IBM Garage, a center to promote innovation and where to co-create, together with companies and startups, innovative solutions applying its own cutting-edge technologies to rapidly develop and grow projects and ideas,thanks to design thinking techniques.


PPS, as IBM Business Partner, brings its expertise amd collaboration, both in the knowledge of the customer and the market sectorwhere it belongs.
Moreover, thanks to its knowledge, it makes available its technical resources both in the design phase and in the implementation of the project, assisting IBM.

With IBM and the invaluable support of business partners, companies, will focus on their business goals to design and implement appropriate solutionsall quickly, but without loss of value or quality.

Working alongside IBM experts and supported by PPS team, the companies that will rely on Garage will be able to:
  • study and review business processes;
  • practice Design Thinking to study your case, target or create your own MVP (Minimum Viable Product);
  • benefit from a direct comparison with researchers and clients;
  • receive preparatory assistance in order to identify the objectives and the best technological strategies to pursue them.

An excellent opportunity for companies to reinvent and transform themselves digitally, to change the mindset of their company and to become "agile",combining best practices and experiences, with the help of IBM experts who combine IBM Garage methodology with Multicloud solutions, such as IBM Cloud and IBM Watson.


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