About Us

Solution Provider of the best available technologies on the market 

Our team follows an "impartial-brand approach".  This allows an objective and fair choice related the technologies and solutions to adopt in order to guarantee an efficient answer to the different needs of our clients. 


Founded in 2001 by Elisabetta Serra, PPS demonstrated from the beginning its high competence in the sector. PPS during the years answered the needs of many important brands, enlarging its credibility and developing important business partnerships with IT leaders. Its vision guaranteed us to obtain in few years an important financial solidity and independency.


PPS team actively researches for the most innovative and disruptive solutions all over the world. For example PPS collaborates for the AgriFood, Pharma & Supply-Chain sectors with one of the most prestigious institution in Italy: the Politecnico di Milano University Observatories.  


Our skills, expertise and high-level competencies guarantee our clients On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud solutions with the highest level of scalability, cybersecurity and innovation. We also offer the most competitive maintenance and management services on the market in terms of costs and time of realization. 

"Luck doesn’t exist. There is only the moment when talent meets opportunity"(Seneca) 


A close-knit and dynamic team

Our team structure is solid, flexible and smart. These characteristics allow us to obtain high-level performance in order to build a "tailor-made" relationship with the client in order to answer his needs in the best way possible. 

Elisabetta Serra Elisabetta Serra President and CEO
Guido Gatti Guido Gatti General Manager
Morena Valentino Morena Valentino Sales Director


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