Enhance your product quality

Maximize Traceability.

Minimize Investments.

Thanks to our solutions, both if you are a big company or a SME, you will be able to enhance your product quality on an International Recognized Blockchain, in a fast way and with small investments, without the need to modify your IT or intervene on your ERP.


Our solutions will allow you to implement Blockchain enhancing your quality product promoting the traceability of the entire supply-chain. From the harvest,through transformation and distribution, to the final consumers' table.

Ours is a ready-to-implement solution, easy and fast to integrate without any intervention on your IT or ERP.


  • Minimal impact on IT
  • No significant investments required
  • Fast time of realization and implementation
  • Affordable for any type of company
  • Complete traceability of the entire supply-chain thanks to an international recognized Blockchain
  • Maximum transparency for customers
  • Waste reduction
  • Elimination of fraud and errors

Existence of ERP?

Our solutions is ready-to-use and fast to implement. Our project realization times are minimal, there is no need to intervene on the existing ERP and for this reason it does not require significant economical investments for its realization.

Absence of ERP?

Our solution is created also for SME that does not have a complex IT infrastructure. Infact our Blockchain can be implemented just starting from one or more excel or .csv files.

We are also able to provide for an already integrated to Blockchain management software easy to use that requires no specific skills.


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