Temperature Monitoring Solution

End-to-end solution for the entire supply-chain 

Dynamic Barcode and Cloud

for the traceability of the Supply-Chain

Intelligent labels, based on barcode technology and applied to packaging, can monitor temperature changes and geographically locate lots, pallets, packaging and products. Solving a common problem in the alimentary field, the one o controlling and guaranteeing temperature of food and raw material, during the various phases of conservation and transport along the Supply Chain.


Specifically our temperature monitoring solutions reduces risks of:

  • Diseases of food origin
  • Waste of poorly preserved products
  • Return of whole batches of product
  • Decrease corporate brand reputation

Most of the solutions present in the market today satisfy the qualitative standards, but they require the implementation of devices that provoke a considerable increase of the costs (purchase of infrastructures, training of the staff) and of the criticality (uneven data sources, poor system interoperability, theft of devices).

Thanks to Cloud Technology, our solutions guarantees integration, interoperability and data protection. Our solution uses barcode technology, that can be scanned from any Smart Device for data collection,providing information about temperature, time and location of the product. A respective Cloud platform acts as a tool for Data Analysis and Data comparison providing broad support to the decision-making phase. Each label is totally customizable (logo, graphics, colors and temperature scale to monitor). This solution is applicable to the Food & beverage sector (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, frozen, dairy, packaged products), distribution (transport, inventory, warehouse) and pharmaceutical sector (logistics and transport of medicines and biological samples).


Our temperature monitoring solution is:

  • Very cost-effective compared to electronic technologies
  • Eco-sustainable
  • Complies with HACCP, FSMA, HARPC quality standards
  • Can be integrated with blockchain (traceability of the entire supply chain)
  • User-Friendly(does not require specialized training for employees)


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