ITBI™ – IT Business Intelligence™

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The solution for all environments

On Premise, Outsourcing, IaaS/PaaS on Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

ITBI™ is a Business Intelligence Solution that allows a detailed and precise analysis of the use of IT infrastructures, both mainframe and distributed, with the aim of optimizing their costs, improving their performance and overall efficiency.


The use of the so-called "business mapping" is the main feature of this solution. It is the possibility to provide the association between the various IT resources used and the various services managed by the same resources. The data of use of the IT resources are associated to the data of business and stored in a Data-Warehouse in data-cube mode, analyzed then with ITBI, specific tool we have developed. Data collection in a distributed environment takes place without installation of agents in individual servers, while in a mainframe environment, it uses SMF data produced by all installations.


ITBI™ can be used in environments that have their own infrastructure OnPremise, that have outsourced their infrastructure to an Outsourcer or that use IaaS/PaaS on Cloud Solutions.ITBI™ can be used in hybrid contexts, that is partly on premise, partly in outsourcing and/or in Cloud.
  • To analyze in fast and effective way the data of use of the IT resources in several rages of time (specific times, days, week, months, etc.) allowing a forecast of increase/reduction trends.
  • To go from reduction to prevention of costs,that is to the "on-going rightsizing", elaborating data of use of the business services and deciding based on actual data, current and historical.
  • Check the actual use of resources in contract and/or their availability, particularly for those who use outsourced infrastructure with/or Cloud.
  • Identify who is using IT resources,when, how long and its cost
  • Optimize the business through trends analysis and/or peaks of consumption, thanks to data usage and cost provided to managers/developers of individual applications/services.
  • Prepare growth forecasts and budgets in phase to actual data Service to Service.
  • Provide "business" with elements to determine which services are profitable and which are less, indicating where to develop them or where less, or where to intervene to make them profitable.
  • Show Back and charge Back
Cases of success

PPS – Price Performance Solutions è Partner di SMT Data A/S

EquensWorldline (Italy, Netherlands, France) In-house mainframe

Danske Bank (Danish Bank Major) In-house mainframe: on-premise and distributed Systems

DNB (Major Bank of Norway) Outsourced mainframe - Cloud

Posten Norge (Norwegian Postal Service) In-house mainframe and distributed Systems


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