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The solutions

for your business needs

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP: Allow your IT to manage, utilize and distribute the virtualized infrastructure based on the company needs and requirements. Ensure the complete prevision of cost and workload performances without continuous expenses and additional softwares.

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX: Thanks to the combination of the highly reliable and scalable Lenovo servers together with Nutanix core Software,allow the virtualization of server and storage through our hyperconvergency solution.We ensure the complete integration and configuration of appliances simplifying the IT infrastructure, maximizing the speed execution of workloads.

Our services

Our end-to-end support covers all the implementation steps, starting from the definition and optimal configuration until the after-sale support.
It includes the delivery of services also for heterogeneous environments such as VmWare, Veeam, Nutanix, Microsoft, AS400, Kaspersky and many others.

In addition, thanks to our expertise we are able to ensure multiple additional services and support services, certified ISO27000,in order to protect your processes and your data.

Between the various services we include:

  • Virtual Servers
  • Cloud Backup (Veeam Environment)
  • Cloud DR (Veeam & Nutanix)
  • Virtual AS/400
  • As/400 Backup / Replica
  • Website Hosting
  • Hardware Housing
  • Email Services
  • Cloud Storage S3
  • Cloud Protection (Kaspersky)
  • Domain Mantainer
  • Public DNS

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, ThinkAgile CP unifies the maintenance activities and workflows for resource provisioning at the same speed of the decisional process. Through virtual private data centers, virtualized firewalls, micro-segmented application instances, always-on encryption, and customizable application marketplaces, IT can ensure that users get the cloud experience without compromising on security and compliance.

Thanks to ThinkAgile HX you can converge in a single pool of distributed resources in a complete scalable cluster, Lenovo virtualized servers with computable capability, core storage and networking functionalities typical of Nutanix software.


Through ThinkAgile Solutions and our offering related to the On-Cloud services we answer to the 3 crucial questions of Companies which want to undertake a Cloud Transformation:

  • IT capacity on demand, in relation to the current need and in a scalable way
  • Security,often subject of debate regarding On-Cloud solutions. ThinkAgile ensures the maximum standards of security thanks to Always-On encryption, Guardian Edition CP software and FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, USGv6, STIG compliance.
  • Maximizing productivity, reducing costs, thanks to the simplified management of the solution, it will not be necessary to waste time in controlling the correct firmware levels, the DC components and the related software updates.


The solution ensure the complete or partial virtualization of the IT infrastructure in relation to the needs of the business ensuring the typical Cloud scalability with also the possibility to integrate a cluster to manage the distributed resources such as storage, networking and computational capabilities.

Peculiarità Specifiche

ThinkAgile HX provides:

  • Lenovo x86 servers
  • Lenovo xClarity for hardware resources management
  • Nutanix softwares:
    • Nutanix Acropolis: for storage distribution, mobility and hypervisor
    • Nutanix Prism: for cluster and virtual machines management

ThinkAgile CP provides:

  • The automated lifecycle management
  • The personalized applicative-models catalogue
  • An integrated and safe multi-tenancy
  • Native backup and replica
  • Applications micro-segmentation ready to use


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