Cloud-Native Applications

The step-by-step path to innovation

Our approach

Today Cloud is the master enabler to innvoation. Thanks to our transversal skills we accompany the client step-by-step through the Cloud Transformation process aiming to bring, through our approach and methodology, the environments from Rack to Cloud.

Our approach includes innovation regarding technologies, processes and methodologies.

Peculiarities of our approach 

The Cloud Transformation process can both start thanks to a request of the client that for examples requires for more computational power, scalability and/or space, or from a simple idea and/or request for further information and a consequent consultancy with our specialists.

We identified some of the steps of this approach:

  1. Assessment [1-2 months]
    (data, benchmark, workshop, leader identification, process identification)

  2. Pianification [1-2 months]
    (internal and external team building, finalizing business and project plan, define evaluation metrics, build ,training, branding)

  3. Release / put into practice of the transformation [1-2 months]
    (solutions, training, communications, branding, leadership engagement, process implementation)

  4. Integration [on going]
    (release of high-impact solutions, advertising, results evaluation)


Clients needs:

  • Capex to Opex
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Manage different environments such as:
    • Multicloud (choose according to the needs between the different components of the various Cloud providers)
    • Hybrid-Cloud (exploit in-house HW and making it communicate with a virtualized DataCenter)
    • Hybrid-Multicloud (exploit our own DataCenter and making it communicate with different virtual providers)


Companies often ask us: "why should we undertake a Cloud Transformation if all the infrastructure we have are already cost-effective and efficient?"
We as PPS, through our consultants, are able to answer these questions guiding them to the evolutive path of transformation.

IT innovation is necessary to remain updated also with infrastructures. Today the Cloud is the master of all enablers to innovation.

  • Through Cloud you have an immediate access to new technologies that would take year of R&D (Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Big Data, Identity & Security, IoT, Storage & Databases, API Platforms, Data Transfer, Management Tools, Developer Tools, Networking etc.)
  • Through Clod you can solve the Capacity Planning problem thanks to its infinite scalability
  • Through Cloud you can reduce the time-to-market for applicative release thanks to prototyping (for example in just two weeks you are able to develop a prototype, test it on Cloud and decide to implement if everything works correctly or otherwise to abandon it)
  • Through Cloud you can ensure high standars of security
    • Internal Certified Digital Signature of HW
    • Certified and verified Boots
    • Certified OS and IPC
    • Storage: encrypted data, also for internal data
    • Network: all the DC communicate on proprietary dorsals without going directly into internet
  • Through Cloud is possible to ensure high standards of sustainability. All of the major providers have 0 impact on environment and some of them also aim to obtain a positive impact in the short-term.

Cases of success

Cloud is suitable for any kind of market. Following some cases of success of Cloud Transformation:

  • SaaS Applicative for Driving School Management: the client could not sell its applicative anymore since they have run out of memory on their on-premise servers.
    • Through our support we solved the issue related to the scalability initially with a containerization process (10 - 14 days)
    • Subsequently in the following year the container became PaaS and Cloud-Native. The previous monolithic infrastructure was transformed into a completely scalable one.
    • Today, the client have developed himself, thanks to the introduction of AI a solution of Churn Analysis for monitoring the students performance.
  • Italian Mobile Carrier The client needs were to optimize the Capacity Management (that was inefficient) and to identify any potential customer who wanted to change provider in the short-time.
    • We analyzed the user Data Lake and the data traffic (Whatsapp, Netflix, YouTube etc.) though Big Data and Machine Learning tools and we produced a better Capacity Management Solution


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