Ethical Hacking

The system of infrastructure security verification solutions

Cloud & IoT

new relevant areas of security

This is a wide discipline that, in recent years, has developed and extended to cover new IT environments: Infrastructure, Applications, Cloud, etc.
Ethical Hacking brings together technical and in-depth checks on the effective security of infrastructure and applications,exposed or not on the internet. A Security Audit provides a comprehensive analytical report of all vulnerabilities encountered, evaluated according to risk parameters and accompanied by "remediation instructions" to eliminate and mitigate the problems encountered.


Thanks to the development and diffusion of the use of Cloud and IO within the vast world of Ethical Hacking, two very important areas emerged: Cloud Security and Iot Security.

Cloud Security
Undeniably, there is an irreversible trend of the so-called Off-Load of IT infrastructures towards the Cloud. Cloud migration brings countless and undeniable advantages, but also new security issues previously non-existent and often completely ignored. The punctual verification of the settings and configurations of systems in the cloud serve to ensure a minimum level of security even "in the clouds".

Cases of success:
Experience in Fintech, Banking, Services, Telco..


IOT Security
Among the novelties and trends of recent years has emerged the need to connect to the Internet billions of interconnected sensors, production equipment, automotive instrumentation, medical devices, industrial control systems, smart home appliances and other network devices. The advantages of a IOT are countless, but we should not forget that every single object connected to the network is exposed, in a greater or lesser way, to all the "threats" that in network itself. This explains why safety analysis is an essential element.

Cases of success:
Experience in Multimedia Entertainment area, Broadcasting, Telco, Automotive, Services..


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