SMM – Smart Maintenance Management

For an efficient management of HW, OS and SW Middleware systems

Improve the management efficency

in 4 steps

Thanks to SMM - Smart Maintenance Management service and to it's high-skilled team of experts, PPS guarantees the complete management of HW, OS and SW Middleware systems aiming to improve efficency in terms of service and cost-reduction.


The SMM - Smart Maintenance Management offered by PPS is based on 4 steps:
  1. Assessment: initial activity of inventory analysis of the current systems, divided by type, followed by a report with results based on the previous cathegorization;
  2. Update: Vendor database update with last OS releases and related correction report regarding the inventory;
  3. Recursive Operations: Verify, update and continuous monitoring of machines list based on the modifies related to the input. Output: confrontation report shared with the client;
  4. Budget Definition: Supporting the client into budget definition for the next year after a direct confrontation with Vendors. In&Out forecasting report. Meeting for confrontation analysis of the previous/current year in order to optimize the performances in terms of service and costs.


SMM Service is useful in those environment where there is the need to anylize, monitor and optimize continuously the HW, OS and SW Middleware management.


Through SMM, PPS guarantees a continuous monitoring of In&Out variation and a realistic prevision of growth/reduction,based on updated and liable reports also useful for data analysis and data comparison.

SMM allows to forecast the installation for the following year providing the client effective data in order to formulate next-years budgets. SMM is a powerful tool useful for optimize cost-saving and cost-management politics.


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