Mobile Threat Defense

Real-Time Unified Security for Remote Access Users

Simplify and ensure security always

wherever you are and however you connect

Thanks to our Partnership with Wandera, we are able to offer a unified cloud security solution in order to manage risks and threats for mobile endpoint of your company, optimizing the cost and data traffic management implementing the policies for the apps usage.

The Security Suite is composed of three modules:

  • Threat Defense: for threats prevention and protection
  • Data Policy: to control the costs and manage the usage policies of the devices
  • Private Access: to enable Zero-Trust-Access from the company endpoints to the company applications

Threat Defense

  • You device fleet are not homogeneous regarding the OS? (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Do you use an MDM solution already?


Our solutions of Threat Defense is the right one for your business.

Our Threat Defense Solution is a multi-level solution that helps to protect all the endpoint and to prevent internal threats thanks to the Secure Access Layer. It ensures prevention and protection against potential malware, MITM (Man-in-the-Middle), mobile phishing, data-breaching spying.

Threat Defense

Data Policy

  • Do you provide your emplyees mobile devices?
  • Do you utilize already a Unified Enpoint Management (UEM) solution?
  • Sometimes excessive costs occur because of the exceeding of the data traffic available?
  • You employees use the company devices as hotspot for other devices?

Our solutions of Data Policy is the right one for your business.

Our Data Policy Solution is addressed to the companies that want to optimize traffic data usage and costs. Thanks to content filtering and to traffic and roaming policies it prevents excessive costs for the company endpoints.

The solution is able to provide real time report and insights and helps to eliminate the shadow IT.

Data Policy

Private Access

  • You employees connect to unsafe networks such as public networks?
  • You employees use the company devices as hotspot for other devices?
  • Are you looking for a solution that determines in an automated and intelligent way the "dangerous" devices and to prevent them to access the company network?

  • Our solutions of Private Access is the right one for your business.

    Private Access enables the Zero-Trust-Access for remote users. Thanks to the strong authentication and to MI:RIAM (our intelligent search engine for threats identification), the solution is able to determine when an endpoint is compromised or at high risk preventing its access to the company's data

Private Access


Some of the strenghtness of the solution are the ease of deployment, OS compatibility and Privacy Protection.

Ease of deployment and compatibility

The solutions were developed to be complementary to the Endpoint Management, MDM, EMM UEM systems such as MaaS360, WorkspaceOne, MobileIron o Intune. However, they do not necessarily require the presence of the Endpoint Management for the deployment.

The deplyment can be entirely managed by a single console in an "agile" way and in very short times even for very large fleet of devices.

The solutions are all compatible with all the current OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10)

End-User Privacy

The solutions can be configured using theanonymization and/or identification through pseudonym in order to guarantee the full transparency and the privacy protection of the end-user.

It also supports all the ownership models of the devices:

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • COPE (Company Owned/Personally Enabled)
  • COBE (Company Owned/Business Only)


PPS and Wandera provide a Cloud Security Unified Solution to protect the new way of working.



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