Smart AgriFood Solutions

Innovation and sustainability for the agri-food sector

Innovation and sustainability for the agri-food sector

PPS conciliates the paradigms of innovation and sustainability by offering the best agrifood solutions at the service of all operators in the industry

In consonance with the progressive global awareness of the protection of the planetary balance, the increased attention to environmental sustainability by consumers and the gradual adoption of ethical-sustainable and circular business models by companies, PPS has undertaken a path aimed to identifying and proposing to its customers the best and most innovative solutions in the agri-food industry in the international panorama.

Thanks to a constant international scouting at the major Italian, European and international innovation hubs, partnerships with prestigious universities, laboratories and research centers in the country, in collaboration with the chambers of commerce of the major innovative countries in the global context, PPS has succeeded in harmonizing "green" and "innovation" also, in the agri-food industry.

Envisioning digital innovation and inhabiting a pro-environmental spirit , especially in recent years, have allowed us to broaden our portfolio with the best innovative and eco-friendly solutions up to now.

We work on and care about:

  • Digital Innovation in the AgriFood, Pharma, Logistics & Supply-Chain industry
  • Research and Innovation
  • Protecting of the environment

Our objectives are:

  • Offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions
  • Contributing to the technological development of the agri-food industry


We provide solutions for agriculture 4.0, suites and applications, solutions for processing and distribution companies, Apps and platforms for end consumers, to ensure complete traceability and transparency of the supply chain and we guarantee the customer an economic return a long with an ethical and social one.

A team of experts and collaborations with consultants and experts in agronomy, analyzes the possibilities of integration between the infrastructures in use and our solutions, to ensure the interoperability of the systems and consequently the possibilities of growth, cost-saving and management improvement.

Innovative solutions that are perfectly integrated with the systems already in use in customer companies. We create synergy between systems, promoting innovation and generating added value, as well as optimising management and reducing costs.

Our solutions are completely configurable according to the customer’s needs, both in terms of aesthetics (logos, colors, shapes etc.) and functionality (data analysis with custom formulas, scales of values customizable, etc.)

PPS Smart AgriFood Solutions

We guarantee our customers, the implementation of the best innovative and eco-friendly solutions available on the market today, result of international studies and scouting at the major global innovation hubs. 

Temperature Monitoring Solution

Solution based on a Dynamic Barcode system applied to packaging, able to monitor temperature variations and geographically locate lots, pallets and products thanks to Cloud Technology.

Fresh Products Quality Control

Solution that allows you to analyze the actual quality of fruits and vegetables, simply using the smartphone camera.

Farm Management System

Integrated and easy to incorporate solutions based on AI, Deep Learning, iot and Cloud technology able to monitor 24/7 the entire supply chain, also via Smart devices, and to generate reports and models useful for data analysis and management optimization.


Thanks to our solution you will be able to implement an international recognized Blockchain in a rapid and sustainable way in terms of costs. You will be able to enhance your product quality without any important intervention on your IT or on your ERP.


Our Green Solutions  

Guarantee the quality of your fresh products

Obtain value from data in order to optimize the management of your farm

End-to-end solution for the entire Supply-Chain

Enhance your product quality. Maximize Traceability. Minimize the Investments.


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