Storage Capacity Planning

Server Infrastructure and Storage Analysis

How to obtain detailed analysis of the state of affairs and faithful forecasts

for future scenarios

It is a methodology based on the analysis of specific data of client’s real infrastructure context . It is based on the most popular and solid data collection tools of the market and enriched with algorithms and methodologies that are based on inferential and descriptive statistics, to correlate data and highlight anomalies. Its application produces objective, measurable and verifiable results able to accurately describe the current state and precisely draw evolutionary scenarios.


Storage capacity planning performs analysis of server infrastructures (no Z System) and storage of any complexity and heterogeneity.

Allows you to:

  • assess the current performance status;
  • to highlight criticalities and correlations between application functions and infrastructure services (also in charge back logic);
  • sizing evolutionary needs consistent with growth strategies and/or differentiation (e.g. DR, Hybrid cloud, pay per use services) of medium and long term. 

Thanks to this service it is finally possible to transform complexity into a competitive advantage.The data provided are not only numbers, but elements to optimize and accurately predict investment budgets, and make decisions even in conditions of uncertainty.

Today the studies carried out have produced unexpected and illuminating results with consequent solutions decidedly different from the, although evolved, traditional, with elimination of future criticalities not easily predictable and substantial savings on investments.

Cases of success

  • GDO/retail
  • Finance
  • Utilities
  • Pharma
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Fashion


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