Fresh Products Quality Control

A package of easy-to-use tools to ensure the quality of fresh produce.

Monitor the supply-chain to reduce costs

thanks to technological innovation

An Innovative Suite that can guarantee the analysis of the actual quality of fruit and vegetables through the use of the smartphone camera only.


The solution uses the most innovative Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, with an application platform and sensor-based algorithms, which includes:
  • Front-End App for smartphone: intended for inspectors and consumers, allows the analysis of the exterior and interior of the product. Compatible with Android and iOS and integrated with all ERP systems, the App is configurable and adaptable to any need.
  • Webapp Management Dashboard : tool for QC manager that allows to supervise every inspection in real time (with GPS location and user identification) and to map operations. Automatically generate reports, alerts, time-based feed charts and allows you to export all data to Excel.
  • Data & Analytics platform: for user management, operators and personnel. Thanks to its maximum configurability, flexibility and scalability, it allows to easily adapt the protocols already used by the customer, allowing to modify and configure the "ratings formulas" according to the specific needs.

The application of the Quality Control solution has:

Organisational benefits
Constant monitoring, protocol compliance and error elimination, 50-80% reduction in inspection time, user-friendly interface, customization of formulas and type of analysis, integration to blockchain (including IBM Food Trust Chain) for a traceability of the whole supply chain.

Economic benefits
Price-to-Quality maximization, 50-80% reduction in laboratory and IT costs, reduction of communication time and costs.


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