IaaS - Flex Capacity

Contracts adaptable to every need

Manage Assets as OPEX

Thanks to "Flex Contracts"

IaaS – Flex Capacity offers computational capacity and storage at service, allowing flexibility required by the customer. The type of contract IaaS allows you to change all or part of the fleet of machines covered by the contract, both increasing or decreasing thus improving processing power and capacity based on the needs of the customer at a given time.


The service is suitable for customers who want to manage assets such as Opex and companies that provide services to their customers and therefore have to modulate contracts on the IAAS contract


Innovative asset management approach to the Cloud world (service fee)

The Iaas - Flex Capacity service allows to:

  • keep expenditure under control
  • have a single point of contact
  • saving on corporate liquidity
  • achieve flexibility over asset life
  • withdrawal service by end-of-period asset at no additional cost
  • have property insured and maintained

Cases of success

"Our Flex Contract represents the flagship of our solutions and clients recognize its added value. Currently we have 3 flex contract opened with 3 different multinationals".”

(Elisabetta Serra, C.E.O. PPS)


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